From the breaking away of the unified consciousness of the higher realms and connected unity, you become fragmented in the density of the human form. When two fragments mirror the principles of the opposites then there is creation. When the fragments become unified one fragment can take care of the physical realm while the other has time to protect to bring in the higher realms and also another soul.

For the beauty of the woman is non-linear and in her loins is a wormhole that allows a spirit spark through their chamber to incarnate. This has been an untampered and powerful force of creation and yet your societies are sickened by misuse of these energies and corruption of sexual identity that distort the principles of the soul’s connection and the reality of the higher frequencies.

There must always be a force of yin and yang and if two of the same unify one will become male and one will be female, and they will become what they hate the most. The lesbian that hates men becomes a man. The man who hates women becomes a woman. The agenda that corrupts with this thinking works against the laws and principles of nature and is a pinpoint targeted agenda to corrupt society.

There has been an agenda of toxicity programming the minds of young children at an early age who shouldn’t be thinking about sex until they are at least 16 years old.


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