Dear souls we are happy with the influx of uplifting energies that have been sent into your solar system.  You that are quickening have felt it as energy grounding out your feet and your hands are hot and your healing and channelling to others beings will have intensified and peaked.  There will be 1.5 weeks of this intense energy so take advantage because after that time there is going to be very strange weather patterns and earth changes will becoming more prevailed. 

Before these energies you will notice aluminium oxide, silicone and barium being dropped into the air.  It will become very hazy because they are electrifying a grid from HAARP to create a forcefield to block our energies.  But these wavelengths have a much finer vibratory rate along with many tachyon and neon particles. We are literally bombarding each and every one of you and awakening you.  Some will be enlightened and centred and others off the charts with negativity. 

Things that you are will be lit up both the negative and positive to quicken your hearts to compassion and wisdom and identify with higher knowledge and stay focused on that, not the news and matrix programming.  You are what you hold in your mind with what you fear and what you desire.  Bring this into your consciousness to view.  Be careful what you reach for and what you wish for because whatever it is will be magnified in your space by a very rapid acceleration. 

Clear your bodies and lessen your intake of food and substitute with fruit and clean water.  Tune your physical body so your light body can overlay.  The more attentive of this, the greater the results of your transformation.  Know that these new energies are real.


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