Your mechanical toys and your technologies are mere extensions of your restless immaturity as a species. There are forces controlling you that takes all of your creative energy and uses it for endless battles and war and you have stayed stuck with the potential evolution to be galactic journeyers and spiritual masters. You are so brainwashed by your digit consciousness and concepts of money and materialism where there is nothing but scarcity but the Universe has plenty.

The bankers and rulers have created the dominance of money from nothing in exchange for your beliefs to make it work. They harness the minds of young men to fight battles for constant endless wars. We will draw the line when it comes to polluting the planet with nuclear waste. We will not tolerate any more nuclear wars. We are a collection of the interplanetary advanced races and also of other solar systems that are your starseed.

Our technologies are millennia ahead of yours and more. You will see our tic-tac vessels all around the Pacific ocean as we are cleaning the radiation and the extent of pollution by radioactivity. We are tracking your aircraft weaponry and nuclear installations with multidimensional vehicles, holographic and unmanned by the way. We have been ever prevalent in watch of what you’re doing with the build-up of your wars and your agenda of the New World Order in Iran.

You will now see us as a known force observing you in mass ships and sightings. We are here to let you know of our presence. We can’t have this sabotage of the changes that are going to happen in the next 2 – 3 years. You will have plenty to deal with the readjustment of your electromagnetic protection Van Allen belts. Your chemtrail screening and electromagnetic HAARP weather modifications will not be enough. The people of the world are not wanting control of the military agenda and are ready for change.

It has been decided for us to make ourselves blatantly aware for disclosure. Many of you don’t deserve what is on their agenda and it is now crossing the lines of that will affect all life on the planet including the subterranean worlds below. These toxic wastes are now beginning to go to the inner oceans and rivers of the earth and the advanced beings are calling out to their starseed brothers and sisters to aid in curtailing the elite and the draconian disruptive entities.

We are here in great numbers of ships for many are the brethren that have incarnated here as wayfarers and channels and they have served well. You can verify all of this if you do your homework and research the other channels of our speak.


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