Magic is a state of vision, access, and knowledge. The one that yields the power of magic has a knowing and a capacity to flow energies not normally reached by the masses. What may be seen as magic to some may be nothing more than a science or technology that is beyond one’s knowing that is perceiving.

Magic is the power that apparently influences the course of events by mysterious or supernatural forces. The forces not normally known are the occult or hidden understanding and incantations that the sorcerer can evoke. So magic is a belief system, a sideshow and slight of the hand to some.

In this teaching may I say that the movement of forces and images that change perceptions and events in the Matrix is displayed to the power of the activator that has the knowing. To the trained master magic has a different context. Vibration, vision, and thought guided access to the higher realms are the fundamental building blocks of reality in the realm of the power to transform the normal cause of events in time and space.

You can bring magic into your life by changing your frequency and accessing the higher realms. In reality, it is the dicing out of the media of photon energy and the casting of its sediment by your will over the forms you create. As you begin to advance from the mundane collective you have a different frame of reference to the principles of creation.

When you are through with the world of illusion and base existence it is by the drive of the spirit that you will seek the higher realms. You now have access to forces and can manifest magic that goes beyond the norm because you have ventured to the flows of energy and creation reserved for the masters.

It is bandwidth and access that is the flow of magic in your life. Remember, by your actions and your preparation aligned to your soul you can evoke the forces you wish to manifest.


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