Amongst the many tasks you think you need to do to finally get there is learning to incorporate some recreation in your life and learn to rest. When you come from a position of already stating the obvious, that you are a supreme being experiencing life, then you won’t look for validation for who you are and if you have made it. 

Animals go about their business of what they are by their nature. Humans are different, their mind gets in the way and the mind is always running judgments and critique and it isn’t until the mind becomes calm and trained that one learns that the competition is not the world but what you think you need to do to be somebody. 

Stop taking the pill of shame and worthlessness and the position that you are a sinner because that enslaves you to compensation. When you take the position of love and consciousness you experience a wonderful thing called ‘life’ and you will find yourself in the flow of events and experience less stress. 

The question is, who are you comparing yourself to and for what? You must learn to come to a state of innocence that is a state of mind when you let go of all of shame and worries and your focus of the moment. Think about your very bodies, they know how to heal and this works automatically. 

It is your invention that causes the disease in the mind, for dis-ease is a state of action with imbalance. The best way to be spiritual and enlightened is to lighten up. 


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