The gateway you have to the flow and nature of who and what you are has to do with what you hold at that moment in the context of your motivation to life. When there is a unity in your mind to what needs to be done without resistance then there is a flow of peacefulness and action that is from a quiet mind and a point of stableness. You can get to that point at the time of just waking up because you have been travelling deeply and embracing your soul and its dreams. 

Remember the soul never turns its back on you, it loves you and is there for you with knowledge, insight, and guidance. It is the bombardment of fears, worries, and distractions that cause turbulence with your link to the flow. The secret to making your life happen is to find an inner sense of peace and balance. You tend to push yourselves wasting energy instead of being in a state of stableness and focus. 

You tend to be reactionary and forceful instead of a pattern that infiltrates from your hearts and resonates changes that come from your soul. It is by the shutting down of the mind to listen that you begin to have the vision as a dynamic part of the Universe unfolding. When you’re in the connection to your inner magic the energy that is spent and wasted in struggling is now coherent and in balance and this is what you should strive to be. 

In reality, everything on the world is temporal and your days as a human form are numbered. This concept is grasped when one is unified with their oversoul. 


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