Limit your dreams and you limit your creativity. Believe in scarcity and fear and it is so. The truth is that the Universe is endless as a power source and you are allowed all the access you can comprehend. For all that appears as material is energy photons grids and forces created by thoughts held. Take away the tool that allows you access to the Universal richness of the pineal gland and your thinking that allows you to perceive and you have become limited processors of someone else’s dreams. 

For this very reason, your bodies, minds, and views are enslaved by how you are trained to think and perceive. For the forces that control you do not want you to come online with the innate powers that give you the keys to the Universe, they want you trapped in the Matrix. In order to change, you must revise and recalibrate your thinking and limited scripts and retune your bodies and cleanse your pineal gland. 

Your emotions are energy in motion and they must be understood and disciplined along with your thinking. If you want to break away from your limits begin here. You must remember how to feel and what to contribute your feelings to in balance. For without compassion, love, and respect for all life you will by your actions keep the flow of the Universe from entering your circuits. 

Your religions are poison, your science is obscured, and your belief in money and the makers of those notes keep you deadlocked to their whim. You are more if you have the vision to look behind the staging and lies of your planet. I can assure you will be taken down in the reality of nature by nature. You should fear your ignorance and separation from nature and your governments and religious deceivers for they are the forces that have corrupted your world and poisoned you and your children for millennia.


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