Remember why you live on the earth. Nothing is laid in stone to who and what you are. Habits create repetitive conditions that become densified into your identity. So be ever vigilant to make your habits into alignment for the greatest good, order, and awareness that you can be. You are all human and you have reactions; highs and lows, happiness, anger, depression, all of which you experience but nothing has to remain static in that position. 

Even your very clocks need to be reset. A periodic reset to quicken your alignment is also your course of life. A reset can be fasting, purification, diet, and time in nature. Don’t be overwhelmed by the trials and conditions. There are things you will come across that will disturb you out of balance. No different than a sink of dishes that need to be washed, these are elements of your chemistry that are out of balance and need attention. 

When things are chaotic do a reset, organise, and make your space a home for your soul to honour. The placement of all that you belong to is an extension of your being. So when things are overflowing and chaotic it reflects an imbalance in your life. Be ever vigilant to know that this is your duty as a human to continually be in balance of your life and keep things in order. The most fundamental thing that causes chaos is a lack of balance, of work and habit, appetite and pleasure, and recreation. 

Always be attentive to work and study and surround yourself with dynamic people for the immersions of yourself in the presence of others has repercussions of how you think and feel. Some of the hardest things you have to learn are to process those that have harmed and taken from you. Forgiveness is not accepting that which happened to you but learning how to discharge from negative people and situations. 

When you react to negative people you are watering and vitalising their negative imprint upon you. Do not be anxious, your soul knows what is best for you for it is how you react to yourself. Listen to your soul and bring balance in human form. 


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