Your concept of time and who you are needs to be re-evaluated. There are your future selves that are releasing issues in the present self which change time and events in the moment in this dimension. You are all working on yourselves on one level or another and sometimes the greatest growth that can happen is to let go of rejection and negative self-programming when somebody does you wrong. 

It is a normal response to retaliate but sometimes in doing so you become deeper installed with other people. It is best to resolve in court with financial issues but to unplug from the chaos of resentment and ill will because it is a creation of negativity you have just endorsed into your space. There are many mixed up and lost souls on the planet and sooner or later you will run into them. 

They will invite you into their chaos but be mindful of the course you take in response to them because it will very much karmically link you together with their debris. Talking of time being nonlinear, sometimes souls reconnect that have ill karmic fate to each other with the time to release in the present moment. How you deal with completing cycles with disruptive people chooses your spiritual maturity and awareness. 

Sometimes cutting cords with the past and people is the best medicine you can establish in your life. 


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