You must understand that you are a multi-dimensional being and what you perceive from the personality of the human mind isn’t always the totality of what you are. There are other aspects of your true self working on different levels and dimensions simultaneously. This is why things happen to you unexpectedly sometimes for the greater good for your life, and you wake up with a different head space to problems with resolving clarity. 

As mentioned before your oversoul is the greater essence of what you are and a lot of what you think you are is not who you are with a reactionary fearful response of anxieties, fears, and worries. Understand that there is a greater essence about you that cares for you and wants your wellbeing. But when you make yourself focused on the spiritual path it is that much easier to work on your corrections and freedoms of your soul to manifest in your physical form. 

Sometimes the best way to makes changes is to focus on what needs to be done and stop worrying and feed your energies to the positive things that work from you and starve out the negativity. For what you dwell upon you manifest in form. This is why you should feel and think positive and be in control of your thoughts and this is not always an easy task to do. 

There are great shifts occurring on the planet as with the psyche of the world and many great things are happening in your life that you may not be aware of momentarily but if you are on the path of evolution you will be getting signs of assistance and clarity. Right now many of you are sitting with deep emotional traumas and things are coming up in the form of feelings that are sad which is the cry of the soul but this is only momentary. 

This indicates that what is deeply rooted in your presence is being modified and healed. Be patient and give yourself space and time to heal and understand that the healing process does take time and is rarely instantaneous. When you put yourself out to the positive the positive will come to you. But understand that there are mechanisms working simultaneously not just your personality. 

Be patient and be steadfast, this is a time of great change and great energy and transformation. 


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