The act of creation and manifesting is to think, build, dream, and to prepare. All of the energy that you use to do this will come back as real manifestation, that is the way the Universe works. You will always find what you are looking for, even if it is not what you want. 

That what you fear will manifest as exposure in your mind as an attachment. What you cherish you nourish. What you love you flow and dedicate your energies to and what you do not love you dedicate your energies to. There is no difference, it is all a focal point of energy being transmitted from you. 

That is why you must be at peace and be careful of the dreams of the world so you don’t be ensnared as a producer and a supporter of the negative things in the world. The journey you have in life is a recipe you intentionally create with focus and vision or random simmering of events and reaction. 


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