Look at your position and power in life. Do you not know what to expect or is the platform of your intensity ‘this is what I expect to happen’? Life is based on achievements and energy put forward to focus and manifest. When the actions of uncertainty come from the basis of you not performing what it is you want, the act of manifestation and changing the course of events is often an event changer. 

When you take a course of action and plan situations and circumstances you make things happen. After all, you are all people and many cogs in machines and mechanisms. What you have experienced on one level what hasn’t manifested what you want, move to another level. There are people who are on different wavelengths and the higher the level you achieve the greater the impact on your life. 

The world is complex, hard and tough to the ignorant. Those that utilise the available information prevail with study and discipline and make major inroads of accomplishment above the pack. With proper action, you always stack the odds of favourable outcome when you align your energies of the situation to optimal performance. 


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