At the darkest conflict and edge of your limits and your testing, you are at the closest point to your soul because you are looking for answers and being not docile and asleep in the world. Enlightened people often go through many challenges to grasp lessons and wisdom and understand human nature. This is not a punishment but part of the programme and the teaching for the growth of the soul.

A truly powerful soul is not naïve and knows what to expect with situations by experience. Whatever you’re going through always remember to harvest the information of the lesson. It is karma that is teaching you about yourself and how you relate to the world. Life is not to punish you but to temper you. The more you become awakened to the world and the realities of life and the non-realities, the less common test you will have to answer to. 

When you can learn to get things handled at the point of the solution without emotions tied, your actions will be more productive in the solutions rather than the magnification of fear. One of the elements of power is the ability to transmute and transform and to be resourceful with a sharp and quickened mind. Without experience and trauma, you may be too fragile to handle elements of life that are not for the meek. 

Learn to keep things in balance and present what needs to be done but do not let conditions of life take hold of you for they are not you but exterior events. Take the necessary course of action by navigating with your soul and its wisdom. For everything is passing and everything is a journey. 


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