The porthole of your experience to higher dimensions is through the heart. The heart is unified with everything through love and feeling and is a major centre of your consciousness and energy transmission. Part of your evolution and growth as a conscious being can only be comprehended with empathy and compassion, and this doesn’t mean loving everything and everyone. 

It means understanding the relationship of your attitude, spiritual awareness, and maturity to respond and act lovingly and consciously to others around you that is in the frequency of what you term love and respect. Which does not mean you need to love and respect everyone necessarily. Having discretion and discernment with people is necessary because the chaotic turbulent people on the planet that lack love, compassion, and responsibility, can and will be predatory to you if you do not have your boundaries set. 

One of the essential ingredients of love and compassion is to love and respect yourself with honour and if the things you do in life are not honourable then you won’t achieve a necessary connection with the person you look at in the mirror. That person you look at in the mirror should have love and respect. For the viewer looking at that person In the mirror cannot hide the inadequacy, devious deeds, and unloving actions that cannot be hidden from yourself and others. 

Life is always the maintenance of action, refinement, and duty to the responsibility of what you know you need to do. Stop playing ignorant and you may find that your soul will be on a great path to educate you, for love and clarity of actions allow access to the universal powers and energy fields beyond your imagination. Through the heart and the clarity of vision with your eyes shall you access the greater dimensions of the Universe. 


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