There lies a force that is within you that you are connected to. You term this your spirit but understand that this aspect is greater than your personality. It is your guide, friend and provider beyond your struggling human form and mind personality. Never doubt that you are not being looked after, for you are. Your soul is doing things beyond your imagination and your body-mind follows behind the wondrous soul you have. 

So embrace your soul and listen to the teaching it gives you, for you are an important Stargate to the soul. Take comfort in your soul and listen to its wisdom and information and you will find a loving presence that knows you better than you know yourself. All you need to do is quiet the noise and the battles you have within yourself to see, feel and know your true higher self. You know the way. 

The world may teach you how to lose yourself in the illusion, but know this, you must always reconnect to your light of soul, mind, and consciousness. So dear ones, you can have the best of both worlds when you tune into your inner light and listen. Learn to hear your voice and respond in your inner dialogues and you will never be lonely again. For loneliness comes from being distant from the whispers of the infinite speaking to you. 

When you truly know your voice of soul you will never be alone. Learn the vast reservoir of your true self and you will not need the controlling of others outside you to give you company on their terms. Though you can have both, you must first find your inner roots to your soul. Just remember, your body is merely a container and is temporal. 

It is the spark of the infinite that makes you glow, and that glow is the radiance of the being you need to remember you are part of. 


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