Begin to realise that what is real is the size of your imagination. You are a magnificent being but it is your self-judgment that is the throttle of what you can be. When you can become pure emotion and pure passion with the dreams of your heart and mind and the recognition of the bountiful creativity of the universe, then you will no longer be bound by the human standards. 

Have your interdimensional portal open, which is your pineal gland. The path is easy when one is linked to the soul, very easy. But you must study and discipline yourself to find your way back home to that doorway where you were once linked to your own inner soul and knowing. The best thing to do is to breathe, walk in nature and learn to quiet your mind so that you can listen. 

Your mind has been corrupted and attached to many mechanisms that entrap you into the illusion. Where there is confusion there is an illusion and there is fear. There is a repression of your creative energy that ties you into a knot and shuts you down. Uncertainty and not knowing enhances fear so you must sharpen your intellect and your knowing. 

There must come to a point where you can take your sword of knowledge and cut the entanglements of the vines that grow around you that keep you stuck. Be careful with people you associate with for they will keep you stuck beyond your imagination. They hold mind quanta field of reality based on the generations of misleading information. 

Change your life and find your path and imagination. Your mental health is the key.


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