The only thing you really own is your space of view and your inner tranquillity of soul connect and when you arrive at the state of inner peace you will not tune into the discord of rambling souls upon your path. Pack love, wisdom and non-attachment to the holding of objects and people from the outer to complete your soul in your abode ofmind-thoughts and perceptions.

Your soul will amplify its presence and broadcast what is on the inner and like a magnet you draw things into you. Take inventory of what is in your inner shell. Be in dignity to your supreme self and honour the wisdom that is in accordance with harmony and love, to all things knowing. Ultimately, it is all the dance of source looking at itself through hue.

Learning this early will sever the endless disappointments you will have on your journey through life. Know there is a time to move away from damaging people and stop feeding the streams of their input into you. Be well, and take a moment now and then to hibernate in the warm of your inner beauty. 

You are all very special in flavour and beauty when you blossom to your soul’s destiny.


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