Let it be known that your heart shall be your alter in which you worship in honour and be humble to its teachings. And of the mind and intellect let this be the throne of your power and leadership. You must always bring a space of love and clarity to the heart so that your honoured soul may bring its presence into your body and mind.

What rules your mind? Is it concorded by ignorance, idle thinking, and deceit? When the soul sits upon the seat of your higher mind the pineal gland the centre of your Universe is opened and you have the knowing. So it is how you function and use your time in these sacred spaces that you are a noble ruler of yourself or and lower based fool that has no power to rule and connect to the wonders of your potential.

Keep the abode of your mind and house clear and only bring those of good character into your life and sacred spaces. Then and only then will you be on the path of enlightenment. Learn to feed the mind with good thoughts and wisdom to resonate with and keep the dramas of the world out of your household.


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