Are you in the process of handling your dreams? Do you learn the habits of expecting the cues from other people and not yourself? If this becomes unbridled and undisciplined then the dynamics of your inner power becomes looking for facilitators to carry you. These are the formative bad habits that some people choose to continue in their behaviour and they become losers. This also makes them predatory on the kindness of others and a detriment to their own power. 

Bad habits, bad health, substance abuse, and poor and negative company forms the cesspool of the social behaviours in society. Whatever you do in life you are always making decisions. If you learn the habits of the most confident directed acts for what you want to achieve you won’t fall to these levels of existence and you will be a winner in life. Society is plagued with manipulators and takers that drain society and the system. 

The universe will reward you when you are positive and motivated in your growth and will not assist you in your destruction and poor habits. Those will be addressed karmically with negative experiences, and that is a long and painful road that the soul must be dragged into. Fortunately, this is only a small part of society but it is now becoming a very toxic element to be dealt with. We of the higher spiritual realms have little compassion for self-saboteurs that know better. 

It is unfortunate that they plaque society and are allowed to be encouraged and helped when in reality they should dissipate and perish. We of the light masters encourage the evolution of the species and growth and clarity, but we do not support the evolution of the faeces. 


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