There within yourself are the elements of two beings, one powerful and knowing and the other weak, in doubt, rebellious and turbulent. Both of these elements have varying degrees depending on who is in control. This is not necessarily the concept of evil but a concept of untempered, immature, and sensitive child-like nature of the body-mind. The guidance from the oversoul with your sound mind is your power for freedom, intelligence, and survival, as well as your evolution.

This is not to be seen as good or bad but the potentiality of a disciplined mind versus a random mind. Most of the time you always know what you need to do and when you are in allegiance with yourself there is an easy flow but when unbridled passions, anger, and fear enter the mix then the sense of reason dissipates and there is rebellion. One must be always vigilant to hold the higher thinking and actions in life because if too many distances become prevalent with your higher thinking then it’s really hard to regain that reconnection. 

How can I say in any simpler terms? You know by knowing, and when you doubt you forget and you lose access to your higher self. The way you walk on your path to these guidelines makes your life effortless, activated, or troubled and lost. Just remember, things get done by doing and planning with focus and attention.


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