The essence of your character is your calibration of worth that you allow yourself to experience. As you’re growing you are given allowances in the form of payment but the reality is your soul is ready to give you allowances of opportunity and expansion of good things. The governor of this relationship is how you feel about your self-worth. If you do not feel worthy of good things these will not flow into your life.

If your life becomes a projection of judgment and negativity that is the basis of what you’re flowing into your life. You need to come to terms with yourself and love yourself and heal all the implanted rejections that are in your memory banks. You have every right to the opportunities of the Universe as well as everyone else. The mark upon your soul and your presence is the feeling of worth, not worthlessness. Open up to the Universe that entitles you to allowances and great things in life. 

This is where a lot of healing happens and why it is important to eradicate implants from the past, so you can remember by taking things back into yourself and those items of remembrance. Stop being attentive to negative situations. There comes a time when you have to release things and complete cycles instead of bringing them back into your life. Once again this all boils down to healing your sense of self-worth. 

You need to find ways to complement these principles in yourself because they become the dynamo of your events and potentiality. Many things in your life need to be replaced and new things need to be remembered but only you know your value and worth and that is what I ask you to look at and refine. The opportunity is knocking at your door, all you need to do is open it up. Close the ones of the past that you’re still trying to validate. 

There is too much to pick up in life, you can’t keep holding on to every bruise and every injustice. Better use of your time is to put it into positive thinking and positive self-worth. 


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