The structure of the matrix is melting down and is being overwritten with a new programme by beings that do not have your best interest at hand.  They are setting it up to entrap your souls and your feelings with technological devices to entrap your minds further into the matrix. The whole planet is going through an energetic transformation and they know of it.  The result is many people can awaken and become self-empowered and unified to their true self and away from the shackles. 

Many souls have come as warriors and are being sophisticatedly awakened. They have come in this time with the potentiality to keep up with this transition, but before they are coming online their DNA is being corrupted with vaccines and neuro nets being distracted by media.  Furthermore grids are being set up that greatly distort the harmonic resonance of the earth which is so vital with the link that you have to the cosmos.  So what is happening is great sophisticated lurers are being used to pull these souls into artificial entrapment.  Meanwhile their DNA is being distressed and distorted with vaccine shots. 

Systematically there are agents working from the Pleiadian and other Nordic inner earth beings of the Universe that have come to recalibrate the earth as it is going through its changes. There is going to be fluctuations where situations don’t make sense in your mind and it is your duty to be awakened and understand what I am speaking of.  Images and situations will be like dream stages in your life and your mind and you have to be centred enough to know whether it is relevant or not relevant of the reality you want to keep. 

Many of you will be attacked in your health, financial affairs and your very basic survival needs.  It is so ever vital to find strength in yourself to recognise this and be amongst the knowers because the world is being manipulated where there is a collective doubt of reality and where violence is plaguing reality.  You must learn survival skills and learn how to do without all your endless toys and consumption.  You must learn to budget your money and your time and you must pull away from the collective consciousness which is going to cause mass hysteria with the up and coming events. 

You must learn to stand on your own two feet and be a survivalist, great changes are about to happen.  Stay away from microwave towers and learn to connect to the earth and look within your self to the higher matrix of the inner dimensional reality.  This is a time of great deception, red herrings and false information.  Stay away from enticements of confusion, don’t get into analogues with people you are not making headway with and stick to what is relevant.  Then you will not be trapped in the matrix by reactionary emotions. 


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