Negativity, disharmony and unresolved issues become your side effects. You can only store so many units of life force which are forever dissipating and they must be recharged before they become toxic. In the centres of the body, there are gateways that attract and project. 

People have problems with elimination and are anal retentive because they don’t want to let things go and they have gastric problems that manifest into cancers of the colon and other diseases. 

Non-flowing sexual energy that is not shared in the right light of love and harmony creates forces of disease in the genitalia because the fires are not combusting at unity. They are manifested as cancers with uterine and erectile dysfunction, gonorrhea, and other diseases that are harboured in the body. 

Many cannot stomach reality and stuff their feelings. They are always hungry because they are not digesting the energies they are taking into the body, hence stomach conditions. When people cannot digest they are toxifying themselves and are full of anger and their sense of purpose and self-value becomes very toxic. 

The heart is the field that connects you with your feelings of passion, joy, and anger and if you don’t listen to the heart then the heart becomes out of beat to the temple of light into holding patterns of the fear of love and rejection. When you don’t work things out the heart suffers conditions. 

When you cannot speak and tone who you are and when your voices are not heard you have guilt and shame to express and you have throat cancers and conditions of the thyroid. 

When you cannot see then your vision becomes blurred and you need to have devices to amplify what you are not seeing. Many eye conditions are your choosing what not to see. 

When you lose control of your thoughts the mind and other forces take you over. The mind becomes scattered to doorways beyond this dimension and you bring in disruptive entities, hence mental illness, schizophrenia, and brain tumours. 

These are just some of the toxicities you bring into your vehicle and into your thoughts. You can do a great repair in changing these conditions you call ‘sickness’. But never underestimate the body’s time to heal. Sometimes you just need to get out of the way and give it what it needs in the terms of nutrients, space, and love. 


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