When the eye of your being switches to what you’re doing, thinking, and the concerns and doubt of how you are perceived a process of deterioration occurs with your flow and presence. Many sentient beings that have very strong intuitive powers and spiritual gifts are often constrained by the limitations of people with short and narrow bandwidths of perception and realities. This is especially heightened by their judgment when in fact this is part of a religious or scientific mindset of limitation that plagues humanity. 

Many people are proud of not being kind and infiltrated with illusion and misinformation. Therefore, they close all of their perceptions and potential thus limiting their ability for expansion and mental awareness. This is why it is so easy for propaganda to control the masses because the focus has been diverted with a view of accepting any form of reality that they control as a conspiracy theory. 

For in reality ‘conspiracy’ means that there are forces of people that are conspiring with a cause to infiltrate a change in the system and control it. Adding the word ‘theory’ sounds scientific and strong because in that statement you have just said it is a fact that needs to be proven. It is an idea or concept. This term means that if you should think deeply or look beyond the veil you might catch who is behind the screen controlling everything and that, of course, would take away the power of them controlling the masses. 

So in conclusion, each and every one of hue that is a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and thinks deeper must unite and understand with factual evidence and collectivity of your minds, belief, and knowledge to counteract this force of propaganda, so you may come online with your potentiality and not be limited by the collective conscious and preconceived notions that fit society. 


Artist unknown.

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