In the density of the world, there is a scripted programme of computer hologram frequencies modulated off reflecting units like a projector. It is an overlay of holographic form. Much of what is upon the Earth and the Moon and surrounding areas is a projection, a programme in a movie. When you get into the higher resonate factors and higher planes, the reality is much different. 

In this dimension, objects reflect and absorb light formed from projections but the higher gridwork of the astral levels and spirit planes are very geometric forms, and things you see are radiating in and projecting out, not as a projection but a radiance of light and colour. One is seen dimensionally inside and out all at the same time and these are the higher dimensions of the spirit plane. 

Think of it like going to a movie theatre with advanced holographic projections. It appears to be solid and real but it is just a projection. It is no different than projecting a plane into a building in New York and detonating devices where it appears that there is a jet crash. It is no different than having a holographic screen with people being decapitated to project the evil Taliban and Isis, all broadcasted into the media and news. 

These are technologies being used which are ancient in this dimension. So be careful because what you think you see as real may be a red herring of manipulation to collect mass hysteria and reaction to harvest fear and group mind control. This is all part of the leak of the matrix shifting and coming out, but you do not need to respond. 

When you have the clarity that it is a movie it will not entice you to the degree that most people experience as real. 



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