Love will always precipitate as the nature of your souls flow, and when flowing in this vibration it matches the divine frequencies of life and connection. When you flow in this current you will always find the protection of the unity of the divine presence that certainly wants its fibres and cells to be bathed in light and cared for. 

This is the advantage of choosing the force of love and the way of kindness. Lost in the world is the opposite of this principle. Know the consequences of separation to the harmony of love and integration of the forces of being connected to respecting all nature and entities. For in this potential you can be the pursuer of the dark side and chaotic and you will surely feel the price of separation. 

So with this in mind, if you want help and guidance start with the flow of love to yourself and others. The principle of love binds deep in connection and appreciation of others. Lose the false things and material fillers that outweigh the power of true love and the desire to connect from the heart. For this is what all sentient beings wish for at their core. 

The replacement of these principles is the breeding ground for evil and malice. Losing the connection of love makes one fear-based and open-minded to distorted perception and habits and no power comes from being separated from the principles of love and respect, for this mirrors your heart.


Artist Cameron Gray.

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