In the world, it is not just you and your challenges. It is the projection of all the elements of the perceivers and the beings at that moment, place, level, and evolution to love. It is one thing to conquer who you are and it is another to deal with all the variables of human nature, both of the clearer ones and the lower astral guided ones. Everyone needs a sounding board and a mirror to the degree they are outside of themselves in the know of their consciousness and the universal harmony, for in your world there is a mixture.

Every one of you that are in the midst of personal growth will experience episodes of very deranged entities in your life, work, and visits to places. The out of sync and distorted ones can and will take an adaptation on every level of social experiences for their own lessons of life in your realms and others. They may be in your religious groups, in your political parties and your governments, and even as your lovers and marriage partners. The corrupted nature of a competitive core that is out of touch and in need of projection for self-value can and will manifest in your lives. For the nature of the being must be made to see and project.

Life is not easy. Strongly motivated lost souls oftentimes rule through intimidation, physical oppression, and uniforms of military and police titles. The insight here is sometimes you must learn to understand that you will have to battle these elements that will infiltrate into your life. It may not be the loving, kind, and naïve state you wish for, but they will come into your life and stay until you eradicate them from your life and fight for your ground in a controlled manner to escape.

These beings may not even be on the visible and from lower astral levels that are attaching on to you with a motive. Be aware, for they can and will tempt others against you from time to time to sport with you. Love and vibrations affect the arena of your continuance with them and that is the goal to maintain, but you must be prepared for battle should they invade the dominion of your soul and sovereignty. Have the courage to outwit them and to study their motives and rid yourself of these characters.

Know that some beings lack love, self-respect, and kindness, and can come out in the dark of your mind and comfort. For at the end of the day they light up similar elements within yourself. Show your strength and prevail. The lesson is to gain knowledge and to change your frequency and to maintain your honour. Know that the world is controlled by many dark elements that have gained power through fear, violence, and oppression with political and financial upper handedness. Until you fight your battles to release them you will be controlled and dominated.

Just know that they have weakness and gain power by your submission to their ability to do unethical deeds and to be violent and evil and project their nature. Learn the nature of these beings in social environments and be aware of the force that estranges you to know who you are. The ultimate goal in any dimension you find yourself visiting in experience is for you to know yourself and to confront yourself in the mirror, for whatever reflects back at you is yourself.

The way you are confronted may be from your own family who can come in and out of sync from suppressing you with situations that can be used against you. You must be a warrior, for those people represent projections that you need to resolve. Your goal in existence is to look at every person directly in the eyes and know who they are. When you do so without separation and oneness you will have conquered all your adversaries which begins with yourself.

When you walk into a room and they are not accepting and you are being judged you should look at them in the eyes and let them know they fear not. Then you will have mastered the games of reality. You will have ended the nonsense of what has plagued you and hunted you down and you will have enslaved your demons.


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