Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and watch yourself to get a perspective from another point of view. Watch your social interactions and try to see how people are responding to who you are, and what you can improve. Never forget that the building of your personality and experiences in life is but a character in the drama of life and there are points in your life where you’ll need to view.

Stop, take inventory of yourself and find out what the real motivations and needs are, and address those first. There is a difference when you act from a reaction which is oftentimes a ‘domino effect’ of previous experiences that keep perpetuating. Allow yourself the space to unplug and reboot your life for you run into situations that you’ve created with your connections with other people,

It is the participation in their dramas that you need to free and stop feeding. People often call these cords ‘karmic cords’. It’s important to set new goals and a new strategy of your journeys in your experiences of life. You don’t need to stay stuck, that is purely a choice of how you’ve become rooted with people and complacencies, and sometimes they don’t work for you.

Never forget you are the author of your life, so don’t have writer’s block.

Be genuine and dynamic.


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