You are all able to be greater than your limits of perception and self-view. The secret formula of life is the inspiration of the soul, to learn of this dimension and to quest for knowledge not indulges. By reading, viewing, and study you absorb information. Doctors become advanced by years of study. This information is perceived and known, so is science and law. You become aware by study and have gained a higher advantage of presence and understanding. Everyone that has gained title has studied and become proficient to earn income and titles of the thing knowledge. 

Facts and information are books of conceptual fragments that broaden your know. What you perform with this absorption will give you more reality of the subject. Never underestimate the fact that knowledge is power. It is earned and invested by the art of study and use of time and anyone can learn. You have the options of paying people for information at a premium or you can invest in books and your time to gain knowledge and forever advance your status quo with brilliance. Instead of worrying about your new cars, clothes, and titles, if you invest in your soul and learn skills you become empowered.

Why do you think lawmakers and lawyers tell you not to practice law or become informed? For the same reason that doctors do not want you to have the same skills. The more you get the power of knowledge the better you will be in the skills of life. Be not outwitted by the manipulators, educate yourself for self-empowerment. Know your soul is eternal and know the realms of spirit, for this goes a long way in your ascension and growth of the soul. Invest in knowledge and you will be wealthy without props by the power of your brilliance and knowing. 

This is what separates the enlightened from the docile.


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