There is within you the power of anger, hate, and aggression prompted by fear. This is the opposite LOVE that is the feeling and duty of each soul to master. You can maintain your fight and not be weak but it truly takes great strength to maintain the pace and energy of love. Love must never be extinguished inside or the soul will be inaccessible to the personality body-mind unit that is a program and a study for the soul to experience an application in the world of duality. Never forget this world is a boot camp and a place of great learning, teaching, and the calibration of forces to reckon with. 

Know that to be strong is to learn non-involvement in the ailments that are projected from the suffering of others and the world for that matter. The secret is to know when to fight, when to love and when to complete what is necessary to rid yourself of the arrows of illusion and ill will that may be fired upon you and to shield yourself from these missiles. You humans should spend more time in knowing who you are and being able to be in your own company and to converse with yourself first and foremost. Then you can confirm this in the company of others. 

The sooner you know how creative and strong you can be by questioning and researching information for solutions and knowledge then you will have a great chance of being the controller of your life’s events. Just know you are all being programmed on subliminal levels by the news and media by agendas that are taping you collectively as creators of their dreams and intentions of perception. The creating of realities by your solidification of thought held with mind and emotions and your reaction. Just remember that truth and love is the underlying principle of how everything is held together. 

Fight for your sovereignty and your presence and to be that you must resuscitate. For being in the know takes effort, study, and balance. You control your power to impress who you are by what you believe yourself to be. Understand many people are very numbed and not firing on all their dendrites and if you are sharp they may be way behind your understanding. This, of course, is their problem. Take this not to suppress your creativity but rather learn that sometimes people with unresolved issues are easily triggered and reactive to change that confuses their mindset.


Artist unknown.

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