In your darkest of times, there will always be a way out. You must look for the light and follow it to help you to the door of change and new realities. Remember that the soul is not physical and is energy. That which you send in energy and reaction dresses fields about you. Change your thoughts and your attitude and what you radiate will draw to you accordingly. The body is a vessel that can and will change. Bring it seaworthy first and set a course and use your inner compass to take you there.

Change is a state of energy and excitement of force fields on the molecular level and all is the density of magnetism you perceive as solid. Never forget you act in the sedimentation of your attitudes, focus, and desires. They are your power. You either use these with the intention to create the power of you or you live randomly in hopes of things flowing by chance. Just remember that the odds of chance are affected by what you lure into you with your magnetism. 

All of your limits are created by your perception as well as your experiences. Change your concepts and allow the forces of nature, life, and your soul to impress the will of your oversoul and you will find the power to make magic. You live by your will and intention. It is all forces controlled or random. You make the difference by your knowledge and your actions and attitude. 


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