How can we tell you that you are on a journey for your soul’s lesson? It is all paid for complete with a commitment before you even came here on the Earth boot camp world. Yes, your parents were chosen and your family members, the country and your body genetics for this cycle of a holographic matrix expedition. This world is set up and you are now a prisoner of the game with all the momentary memory loss and veils to believe you are a body flash drive of existence. However, only a few of you ever realise it is all a computerised program of experiences. For the rest of the Universe and even your solar system changes once you get near your moon and the rest of the planetary worlds.

The world is a detailed petri dish of experiments being controlled and most of you believe this is real and pride yourself in the conditions to know the sciences and the religious meaning of this great façade. We must tell you now that Karma is your entry ticket and your credit card and you cannot leave until you have balanced your debts. Don’t you see that your life is always taken care of with opportunities to excel or to fall to the greatest lows of illusion? Your world has seen violence and atrocities and inhuman acts beyond comprehension. Even your political managers are all part of a conspiracy to agendas allowed that has reached a level of disparity beyond the threshold.

You have competing inter-dimensional beings always setting up new plots and preludes for action and testing. This is why you are not advancing to the potentials you could and should have. The whole scene is rigged. You have the tall Nordics and the Pleiadeans, and Archons including the Draconians and nano AI intrusion testing every one of you and your societies. You are all being controlled and manipulated and very few of you can see that this is all being orchestrated. It is comforting to know that this carnival is to be rolled up and moved very shortly. Soon you will see fragments of the Matrix flash the baseline and much of the ground and space crews will not be able to hide the rigged reality.

Many of you are now going to awaken and see your family and the other space-faring races and your real potential as this world will now go through a major reset. This will first be seen with a new planetary solar system in visual sight and major earthquakes, weather abnormalities, high winds, rain, and cooling. Many of the spacecraft and maintenance crews will be coming for the reset. The leaders and army crews will be working with the Roman church and the other religious places to comfort the estranged panic population. The truth will be known and great attempts will be made to use Project Blue Beam to show Jesus Christ in the heavens returning or Allah and Lord Krishna, complete with sounds from the heavens and 3D projectors. They are quite convincing.

The FEMA CAMPS will take in many and are complete with execution facilities and computer access to your dossier phone and Google files. Many of their containers are ready. There are many factors at play, those that have compassion for the harvested ones that are of the higher vibratory rate unchanged to the illusion are being processed and upgraded with new light bodies that appear to be of the same density and mass. To those in the know, you will have noticed your new body and many things changing. So all of this will be set and the props moved and a whole new era will be upon the world and life forms will go their way based on their ranks and awareness levels. Great times are in the grand finale.


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