By understanding love to yourself first you will begin to radiate the frequencies from the core of your being. Until then your life becomes a struggle and compensation to find love for others to yield it for you. In this dimension of earth and in the lower realms of existence your frequency and state of consciousness is directly proportionate to the elements of love you broadcast and manifest. Any deviation from this natural harmonic state of being is the basic causes of abhorrent behaviour, insecurity, fear, and worry. 

All of which makes you defensive and at battle with the world that you project yourself on as the cause of what you have failed to love in yourself. In this realm whatever karmic debt is generated the ultimate balance is love and is a state of completion and an understanding of the unity of the Universe. It is a primordial comprehension that all things are linked together held by a magnetic attraction and unity of respect of flow of light and energy. This we term love. 

Until you arrive at that state you cannot make a quantum leap or an orbital change to leave this dimension. And this is what is termed becoming a master and ascended master. Love begins from loving yourself and the actions that you do. Love is not about ego for that is a concept that has been over-programmed into your minds by the church and psychology to limit your dynamic. You should love yourself because the effort that you spend in your life to compensate for what you don’t love will cease the point of radiance. 

When you have gotten this comprehension then the energy will flow and you will be able to ascend. Forgiveness is the point when you let go of your comprehensions and the struggle of getting through your whole life like trying to plug holes in a canoe from a shotgun. You have to get out of the concept that you are stuck and understand the principles of manifestation. You can change with what you radiate with thoughts held in your perspective and flow of energy. It is easier than you think but you must embrace what you feel. 

For what you think is a potential of what you could be, but what you feel is what you know yourself to be. Find stillness in your heart to quiet the mind and let the dust settle to be calm enough to precipitate the murky water into clarity by letting things settle, hence the term getting stirred up and riled. Deep waters run clear, it is the shallow ones that are more turbulent because they don’t have the mass of presence to move things. 


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