There is about to happen great weather patterns that will be off the charts with abnormalities, fires, winds, rains, drought, and chills. This is because the world is reacting to attempts by world governments to affect changes in the jet stream and in the electromagnetic band waves pulsing with the earth, with complete failure to realise that the earth is a sentient being and you are all guests upon it.

Although mankind may have learned some things about the forces of nature, they don’t respect nature and that is the problem. Ask yourself why are they in such a rush to have networks of 5G microwave towers? Why all the inoculations with virus inhibitors, and why all the chemtrails? So much is going on behind the scenes and you are being concerned with ridiculous things with your political parties that you are not even watching what is going on in the real word under your noses.

There is a reason the wall needs to be built in America and it is more than immigration. There will be very turbulent events in the Latino continents. The ring of fire will be peaking with geophysical turbulence. If you haven’t noticed, the colour of the sunlight is different and the intensity of the sun is not illuminating the planet as it should, almost as if there is a partial eclipse. This leads to a strong indication there is another planetary body coming near the earth, Planet X or Nibiru.

It is just a matter of time before the real concerns of meteorites are pounding upon the earth. Start taking time to store enough food for two weeks and have your batteries and your emergency medical supplies ready.


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