Every time you think of someone and their image and form in your mind you are in fact unifying with them. Like a mental sonar unlocking device, your thoughts go directly to what you are holding and perceiving in your mind. With all due intelligence, you must understand that if you have the doorways to the psyche open it is non-linear, it can go to the past and the future. Who you think about will know you on many levels. Although you may not be conscious of it, you are receiving implants which work to your advantage or demise.

When you hold somebody in thought you embrace them and if you embrace with a positive force of energy so is that force being manifest. Have you any idea of the power when you focus on somebody? That you can yield the destructiveness or a connection made that can be turbulent or positive in your life? You are all unified as one presence although you think that you are separate, but with your thinking and thoughts held you can search the real inner net and bring yourself to a state of intentional current and flow of vistas and realities.

However, you want positive, joyful, and spiritual connections or this will rule with false hope and dominance that will be taken from you and this is your choice. Whatever you seed in the currents of love and general goodwill to others will always keep you in the positive realms and the higher astral planes. People and experiences don’t co-incidentally come into your life, you bring them in and sometimes there is unfinished business you must contend with. It may not be from the present, future or past and you will be well to learn that time is an illusion, a movement of space, form, and ideas.

Think of it as your computer! When you check your emails you can always check your history. The more your technologies mimic the universe the better you will grasp. Let the power of love be your guiding factor and understand that nothing is given freely without a return of your energy, so when goodness comes you must return good to others to keep the momentum flowing. If negativity keeps coming into your life that is when you must make it your potential to send positive and good things to whoever and whatever you can instead of feeding life to the particles of that creation. In doing so you have changed the pattern of your experience.

Life is more than you think. Life is what you feel and what you desire and broadcast and focus on. You are creators and always have been, but you are here on this earth plane and many of you need a reboot because you have been out of kilter from the higher dimensions.


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