Think of when you enter a darkened room. You find your way around by turning on the light switch. So it is with you dear souls, for many of you have been stumbling in the dark trying to find things in your house but never think that all you need to do is simply turn on the light to see. When you turn yourself in and view from the eyes of the soul you will find much chaos and much to do to make welcome for your guest of honour which is your supreme self, the oversoul. 

Many of you know that your space of dwelling is not in honour of your guest, that you may view and feel ill at ease about your abode. You see this as guilt but you are too busy in the dark hurting yourself and stumbling because you have not turned on the light. Your views about the Universe are so misleading and hard to fit the real realities of the Universe as it is beyond your conditioned spoon-fed truths about who you are, your purpose and your service to get to heaven or somewhere in the afterlife. 

Let me say this, many of you have experienced the splendour of a rainbow and its beauty and are tempted to find the perfect spot to embrace it. Such are your views of being enlightened or a good religious follower to your cult of truth. You may see this from a distance but you will never grasp it in its perfection because it is only a vision and a view coloured by the interference of light hitting liquid crystals that reflect the energy of the sun or light source. 

From a perspective, it is beautiful for a moment but it is not real in time and space and is valued by your perception and vision. Such is your quest to find enlightenment of God if what you seek is out of yourself, that fragment of consciousness viewing the creation of itself in a momentary personality. The higher you get in awareness you will see that light is from within and when it is projected out you become one of the makers of light and the connection to source. 

You will not get there until you become aware of the forces you affect upon your world and your eminence.


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