There is the nature of man and there is the nature of woman, the principle of yin and yang. There is the Toa Of Physics that spins in the unification of Zero-Point energy. Ever is the chasing of the yin and yang dynamo of nature and reality. By what right of your conscious misconception do you create lies to distort the very fabric of the principles of these vortexes? You have a right brain and a left brain. You have a left eye and a right eye. You have two ears, left and right hand and foot, bipolar and bipedal. These become divided into the yin and yang principles of states of energy.

If you have two left feet you will walk to the left and never be able to walk straight and if you have two right feet you will walk to the right. You need the principles of both to tether your course of consciousness straight with the male and female energy, the balance of both. The very principle of yourself is androgynous but your DNA is set by your gender, that is why women have X chromosomes and men have Y chromosomes which are seen microscopically to view the matrix ladder of the DNA. Everything is a vortex of energy and everything repeats itself in nature from the micro to the macrocosm. When you lose control and rewrite the programs you have cancer and dis-ease, and uncontrolled reproduction of careless principles that have a mind of their own and don’t know when to cease.

Such is the propaganda of the elite that is programming in the name of being racist and judgemental. They want to knock you out to your independent virtue so you become a pack and must conform, and the hyenas are laughing among you! Your society is becoming corrupted because your leaders are like a nucleus of a cell being directed to total chaos. When your leaders misinform the youth and poison with toxins and propaganda in the media with microwave controls of your mind your society will be doomed, no different than the Atlantean, Lemurian and Sumerian, all corrupted because they failed to realise the principles of the dynamo of yin and yang and the principles of male and female.

Remember, because if you don’t those that preach distortion and distasteful lust with disorientated sexual attraction of the same gender will destroy society because the gods that created you will not let this cancer breed and you will all be destroyed again. Your violation against nature is your judgment and this is not a benevolent being destroying you, it is your ignorance as your mind becomes poisoned by the deceivers that run your world. You don’t need to conform to these lies. You don’t need to breed the radiative toxins of these deviant cry babies that are trying to rewrite nature for their own lustful distortions.

A great cleansing will come forth and this is one of the great seals that will bring negative vibrations of the ancients who had the same distortions who want to come through to this incarnation to experience the distortion of nature. This is not biblical, this is an experiment that has gone wrong and it will be quarantined.


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