The fact that you are on earth as a conscious sentient being you are obligated to a commitment of a human body. You may not have access to all your consciousness but it doesn’t mean that you are less aware. You only become less aware when you dream that you are in this reality. That is why you always have a hidden sense of what you need to be doing and when you are pressed it comes from somewhere else. 

It takes thinking to believe that you are a personality so change your thoughts and you will change your personality and behaviours because you are creating the uniform of what you are in this dimension. Whatever you are attached to on any level whether spiritual or material when you are based on that you are a hoarder of things. What makes you a prisoner on this plane is your cravings and your cravings can be desires, insecurity, and fear. 

The way you become free is to become quiet and be clear of your cravings and your need for identity because a conscious sentient being does not need identity because it has the knowledge of the world. When you arrive at that point of knowing it is all a selection in the moment and a game. You realise that love and peacefulness are a balance to cravings for necessity and validation and the programmes in the mind that trigger endorphins. 

Thoughts establish nature and endorphins are a natural payment when you have good deeds. When you try to circumvent this process with outside means you balance this function with addiction for which you have to pay the price in honour and action. The more you lack the harder it is to claim the connection with spiritual reality. What you end up with is a human body that can’t even function chemically with its balance and this leaves you with cravings and of the lower vibrational entities. 


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