You of the human experience in a body would do best to look at yourself as a circle with simulations and interactions happening on many levels with many levels of situations. You find yourself trapped in the mind because you are programmed to believe this is a reality through your mind so there is a disconnection through your emotional body, intuitive mind, and soul cord.

When you come into your body you are open on all levels and when you get older you shut this down through lies, fear, and mistrust and you let yourself get invaded by people who don’t get you. It is normal to think and feel with love and trust because your intentions are transparent and you would be a fool to be deceptive with the colour of darkness with malice as the right intention.

Because of the struggles of trust and the battles of integrity you become myopic thinkers and the voices of other nature and subtleties become fragmented. Until these are integrated you will have lost your connection to nature so the healing process is listening and integrating them into a circle, being multi-faceted and not religious. All of the disconnect rules your mind although you think your mind rules it.

Find your presence to know who you really are.


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