The act of creation comes from a spark of motivation, desire, and necessary ingredients for life and creation. When you set up passion with the forces of your Kundalini you trigger powerful energy units that create genius life dynamic and interdimensional vision. In essence, it is a chemical coherent ecstasy. 

The excitement of the chemical ecstasy is power. It can be used for good or for evil in its dark nature. The definition of evil in this creation is when another sentient being is injured, defamed, or deformed. Use that as your guideline because the power-hungry sickened rulers of your planet fail to understand this one fundamental principle. 

All that you create comes back to you in fields of rhythm and karmic destiny. Be creators but be wise of the consequences. For clarity of mental balance and endorphins and deep heartfelt spiritual clarity always follows a balance of engagement in these forces. Let love be the basis of your elixir and you will stay on track. 

Just remember a wise soul is always noble to his deeds actions and creations with integrity.


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