Many disrupted thoughts pass through your mind that intervenes with your sense of peace. Some are from lower astral entities and some from distorted thoughts from the media programming of sexual dysfunction and fearful identification traumas which question your very primal creative energies. The other tinkers with fight-flight and fear with imagination taunting you with questioning and suggestive violent activities which are of lower astral energies. 

When you are ready to come up to higher frequencies this keeps you away from your growth and enlightenment and disconnect from the matrix. Look at these events to recognise that you are not evil but are changing states in your energy fields and you are moving on a path to change and metaphoric. As you open up to the higher transitions you will open up to the lower astral planes, so as you awaken to higher consciousness do not participate. 

If you feel threatened or susceptible you must learn to see things as a oneness. Just remember what you put your attention to is what you put into your conscious experience. When you have reached a centre and learn the lessons of detachment and radiant presence then the torments of the lower realms will not have an effect, for you have found your centre and power. The more you are afraid the more you vent this into your space fuelled by your reactions. 

Part of being detached is knowing that what you bring into yourself is what you allow to be. As you invite willingly or unwillingly you can detach from these beings and tell them to leave.


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