The condition of happiness is merely the selection of what you want to occupy in your mind and feelings. Learn that you can be the master of yourself and what you are feeling when things are negative, and you can always change by pulling away and viewing the situation before you react. If things are negative and taking you down you don’t need to continue that vibration by dwelling in that frequency. No matter what happens to you the lesson in life must teach you that there are solutions, and that is what you need to be dwelling on. 

With that in mind keep yourself in a positive state of what you are feeling because it is the solutions that you must seek and not the effects of the problems. Remember your emotional bodies are always playing a programme that can be dark, negative or positive by what you are focusing on by turning a frequency and in essence, this is what you are channelling. What you are channelling broadcasts energy about you that lights up positive reactions or negative reachings with people. 

People will always light up issues within yourself and your issues so if you find yourself in a crowd of negative people it may be an indication to be still and not react, or leave the situation. Remember your association with people can either uplift you or bring your vibrations down. So in essence, you are an observer or witness of your life and you can make the selection of positive or negative and have the freedom to give a time out and decide to either be positive, negative, or neutral about the things about you. 

Feelings and emotions greatly yield experiences and bring the tastes of life to you but it is like going to the market, you decide with reaction what you store in your bag and with the experiences of people of what you ultimately store in the mind and heart. This becomes your personal baggage and what you share with others in the meal of your perceptions and exchanges. What you are playing in your mind, heart and emotional bodies are what you are patterning and storing in your bag. 

If you are not happy go elsewhere in the psyche of the mind. There are many places that are nurturing like nature. Consciousness basically is a resonating pattern of soundings in the heart, it is a rhythm and beat and the exchange of what you present to others from the bag of your perceptions. You don’t have to feel bad sometimes that is just a selection of what you are reaching down into your reactive mental bag and pulling out. If you don’t like what you are pulling out you either stuff it back in the bag or remove from the reality of the bag of perceptions. 

You are the keeper of the drama that you perpetuate and negative situations sometimes just need a time out and there is a better use of your energy by focusing on other priorities. For the patterns in your life are a dance and tempo to what you are to be in your mind and soul. It is also the dishes you create with the ingredients you select from your bag of perceptions. 


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