The nature of your character is also based on your resilience, activity, and exchange of energy to the world around you and your contributions. You may think and feel of who you are but all of this is greatly impacted by the company around you, your world and culture which imprints a certain opinion about life and who you are.

But your nature and character are determined by the exchanges you have with people around you and how you cope or do not cope in situations. The maintenance of who you are and your identity is not just a singularity of yourself, it has to be looked at in a social context and especially in a relationship.

For how you feel about yourself and how you respond to situations and other peoples input will affect the viability of your perceptions of yourself. Ultimately whatever happens to you is the reaction that affects you. Here is where life gives you many teachings, within this frame of reference is where you need to particularly work on so that you can control and regulate situations of people and yourself in good standing.

After all is said and done it is your social contexts that affect your mental health and emotional stability. When things are not brought into balance with problems resolved they become unfinished business. Unfinished business and uncompleted cycles with people can become lastingly infectious to your state of peace.

So learn dear souls to resolve unfinished business and keep your perceptions uncluttered and in order. Handle the incoming events in balance to the outgoing events with people in your association and you will find your power more in balance. The nature of your character is how you deal with events, resolved or unresolved.


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