Happiness is not something you have to manufacture by scrambling after your cravings. In essence, contentment is the quietness of need and stillness of all the noise that demands restless energies and concerns. Enlightenment is what you bring to yourself by your knowledge and thoughts and the higher spiritual beings around you.

You are never going to get there unless you go there now. It is all about balancing your work, food, exercise, and all your behaviour for there is a set point that matches balance and that is what you need to find that is overridden by toxic food and designs from capitalism and religious agendas from those that control them.

One may look at an animal to see the peace of nature, but to man, rest is a straining test of spiritual held concepts and work duties. Happiness is a state of peace and if looked at when hungry you are unhappy because you need to quench a desire. So if desires overrun your state of mind and being you will never find restfulness and contentment or happiness.

Being at peace is to not be in pieces of things. When you have your bodies in balance and in chemistry, you keep your body fit and learn to associate with things around you. Enlightenment is a state of peace, not the holding of struggles. When you are in the enlightenment of the soul you drink of the radiant warmth that cooks the heart and calms the mind in euphoria.

Learn to listen to your instincts and learn to flow with what feels good and what does not. Be aware that the body soul and mind already know the secrets, it is just that you have been programmed to forget.


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