You all go through stress and get overwhelmed with the uncertainties of life and that is its nature. Although it can be a battleground it is very real and yet very much an illusion. There is only so much you can carve out in a day to meet the deadlines and obligations. This all takes a toll on your health and mental and spiritual quality of life. Take the time to rest and learn how to unplug and forget your enmeshments of life. Detach for the time to chill and be. Remember that if you have exhausted your performance you are not charged with the right attitude and your motivation dwindles until you are not working and thinking clearly.

Take heed for this is when your health becomes compromised. Your thinking is not clear and you run out of focus and leave yourself open for accidents and injuries. Plan your day to focus on the tasks with an agenda that is pinpointed to the most important issues and stick with it. Some things may lose your attention and cause you to fret but meet your checklist and bring your time and concerns in full focus and your efficiency will make you flow. Ask yourself, who needs to worry? You may find yourself investing in this none productive slavery of useless wasted emotions. Learn not to invest your time here.

This is part of your mastery. You should work your agenda for yourself and set your goals. If you do not then you will just be another cog in the wheels of corporate agendas. Make your happiness and recreational time just as important as work. You need the balance or you will burn out and your soul will wither. Life is a responsibility but so is your essence and your spiritual connection to nature and to inner development.

Invest in wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge so your life will gain meaning beyond the passion of material things that become the landfill of useless time-sensitive belonging. It is all a journey and of limited time duration in your life. The meaning of life is something you must discover. Be inspired by your soul and never give up that connection for the fakery of this world. As you fall in love with others be in love with your soul and life itself. For joy begins on the combustion of love in your heart.


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