The soul that you are is always watching you every time you think and feel and see yourself in the mirror. Like an artist that comes back to a painting that he continues to work on, the currents of a soul are painting an expression on canvas, accept the human body is a canvas. If you don’t like what you see you can always change the hands of the artists and paint a picture of a personification of who you think you are. It is really that simple.

What you have painted in life is seen in the canvas of your body and the balance sheet of your actions. If you live by the spirit with love and respect for other living entities and animals then the radiance of your presence will reach a much higher vibration. The vibration that you radiate affects those around you and your experiences that you draw into yourself. It becomes your magnetic charge and current.

Positive and loving thoughts of light attract light and negative and ill intent attract same, for everything is a reflection of itself. People that are negative and have ill intent for others will harvest the same energies back to themselves. The opposite is true for those who are positive and loving and genuinely care for others.

This is your karmic time.


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