At the moment intense energies are coming to the earth and with this, you will see people acting bizarre en masse and every aspect of yourself lighting up. For the volatile nature of you and everyone else is now at a time of questioning and recalibration. It is a time for you to look at your dark side and your impatience lit up by your fears, mistrust, and hurts and it is a time of ‘watching’.

As you see negative things of yourself come up during this time it will also be lighting up opportunities for change, transformation, and release. The next 3 months is great for character building. Look at your life and attitude and see what needs adjusting. Remember, when you can see things it means you have the power to change things. If you do not make the necessary changes needed the universe will repeat experiences until you get it corrected.

Never forget that your existence is schooling. You have your tests and your time of rest and play and you have your tests again. Be educated by life not disappointed, then you will begin to look at life here on this world as an opportunity for your soul to experience, grow and learn. Then you will understand all the lessons you have undergone in your life.

In order to be taught something, half the battle is to learn to listen and to see the patterns and to have an understanding of consequence and action and activity. There can be no right when you are at battle within yourself. If you carry negativity around, those are the coloured lenses you see things at. Remember that if you keep talking about an unfinished business day in day out because you are not letting things go, all you do is toxify the moment of the present.

People have limits on how much negativity they want to hear. If you enjoy the company of others sometimes it is best to remove the chip on your shoulder and give yourself a pat on the back and move on with your life. The sooner you begin to focus on the positive and focus on your dreams and manifest action for greater perfection and awareness then the streaming of your life will rapidly change into the positive.


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