Love is a partnership between two people and a partnership is where both lookout for the other. When you build a relationship with not only love and mutual responsibility to the financial and welfare structure of what it takes to live in a modern world, then you can both magnify your potential and lessen your burden. Love is one dream held by two dreamers. Emotional respect and emotional maintenance go a long way of a kind held dear to two people.

Knowing that you are cared for and loved by another amplifies your self-worth. When this deteriorates into negative comments and disrespect then the relationship becomes damaging. Learn to have communication in your life, if something is bothering you this can be remedied by simple communication. If this breaks down you give roots for resentment and aggravation and you lose what was once enjoyed. Love requires continual maintenance and modifications.

Love should grow from passion into the deepest of friendship, for sensual passions are not always sustainable. Learn in your relationships to make joint commands and travel in episodes of love from short term to long term. Whether it is a dynamic meal, hiking in beautiful nature or travel, systematic quality time together goes a long way in maintaining happiness with your loved one. For love with a companion is a balance sheet making daily deposits to each other, or you will become overdrawn and your relationship will fall into disrepair.

You must honour yourself and the other person in the relationship. Negligence is a perfect form for disillusionment so tend to your souls and vessels, for companionship is a great joy of life.


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