When one finds the perfect mirror in the glimpse of the eye and heart of another the essence is magnetised and the presence of the other is pulled out from hiding and encouraged to live. A right companion can take mediocrity to excitement and adventure.

Great power exists when two dreams are held as one thought and one common goal. Always hold each other in value and never taint the opportunity of love to grow. Never take each other for granted or the magic you have will become stone cold and weighted as a tombstone wanting to announce its ending.

Never expect love to last forever and if you find discomfort remember the good things. If and when it is time to leave, do so in good grace and with respect to each other and close the book. As long as you keep the spark in a relationship it continues to ignite and combust the fuel of love and power in your lives.

Your value is always a perception of common worth so live your life with meaning and contribute.


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