When you are down and in utter gloom this can be the result of many things gnawing at you that are unfinished cycles, and you need to take a time out and address them all. First and mandatory, sit down with your mind and imagination and think of everything that has to be done and create your to-do list. Oftentimes there are situations where people are thinking disconcerts and there are unfinished businesses that may affect you at the core, but this will not go away until you address it.

You have to stop and give yourself a time out. Roll up your sleeves and take care of all of the annoyances one at a time. Give yourself space and time and keep the environment around you clean and organised. Not only is there physical but there is mental clutter of unresolved details that have to be addressed. Many times depression and heaviness in your gut is the weight of unresolved issues. There is no magic and it will not go away until you handle it. Once these situations are handled in your life you will see immediate changes and new opportunities flow to you and life itself will reward you.

The modern world you live in takes a lot of duties but do take time for good food, balance, and recreation. Know that vibrant food will impact your energy levels greatly. The only magic that you need is to start the dynamo of corrections in your life that have become out of balance. When you are under pressure with details crack open the valve of your inner will and strength to release the pressure and get things flowing. Just remember that the tasks are separate variables in your life and there is only so many you can do at a time.

It is better to stay focused than to over multi-task and overwhelm yourself.


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